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owns you

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If you aren't into hardcore and hot, just fuck off.

Not following these rules will result in you being automatically rejected.

1. This community is for people that LISTEN TO HARDCORE. And good hardcore, too!
2. You must be atleast 16!
3. You will be rated on your looks and what you listen to.
4. don't start shit with members.
5. do not comment until you are accepted.
6. If you are rejected, fucking cry about it. this community isn't meant to be nice.
7. When voting, please put the vote in the subject line. "Yes" or "No". Undecided=No.
8. In the subject line put, "Douche this pussy"
9. Starting @ 9:49pm eastern time 12.23.04, you will not be allowed to promote your communities unless you promote us in the communities you are promoting.

Copy/paste this into notepad, browser, or your client. Do not use rich text while applying.

Adam's other community:

The Maintainer is iownthescene
The PA Mod is thekingofhxc
The FL Mod is _______ohshit

The founding member suninmymouth is no longer with us, because he died in a glam rock accident. I can't be too detailed due to legalities, but it did have something to do with body glitter and mac liquid eyeliner.