xlickgoldenskyx (xlickgoldenskyx) wrote in nonuglyhardcore,

Name: Seth
Age: 25
Location: Torrington, CT.
Ten Favorite Bands (not all have to be hardcore, but some do): Hmmm... No particular order... Ed Gein, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Buried Alive, Beneath the ashes, kids like us, Jack Johnson, Boston, Scurvy(gotta love pirate hardcore!), (old)integrity, strife, and um... Doughnuts( old swetish hxc band)
Five Favorite Movies: Akira, Serial mom, Dirty work, Anchorman, Boston beatdown 2... again no order... plus there are a lot more...
Three Favorite Personal Items and Why: My guitar, drums, and cd's/mp3's... Because music Is my life. If it wasn't for music, I would probably be dead... It's my crutch...
Best show you've been to and Why: Hmmmm I'd have to say... All the Hellfests! Best time ever
Your favorite hardcore vocalist and why: I don't have one...
One thing that pisses you off about hardcore, why: The new fashion core kids... I hate them with a fuckin passion... Oh and the assholes that give the new kids a hard time...
Who is Immanuel Kant: A german philosopher
Your thoughts on fighting: I hate confrontations so... Yeah...
Pepsi, coke, or are you mormon? PEPSI!!!
Pictures. 3 face shots atleast.Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
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